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If you are searching for Dragon City Hack, Gems Generator then you are in right place. Dragon city is the dream game of many. It is such a beautiful floating world of dragons where you can explore and enjoy your world of dragons. Fall in love in creating legendary dragons, forming your combat team and using in-game currency, gold and gems to enchant your world. The game has a lot of exciting features where you can find more than 90 different dragons. Land yourself on a new dragon land every week. The game is an absolute treat for your combat skills and creativity.


Breed your dragons, combine the maximum of 10 dragons and come up with a legendary dragon. Give your creative nerve to form stunning buildings, harvesting forms and gorgeous decorations. Scoop up your competitive spirit combat with the thousands of online players and their dragon teams. The best part is that you have a variety of dragons like Pure, Earth, Legend, Fire, Dark, Plant, Metal, Water, Electric and ice. What are you still waiting for? There are more than 160+ goals you need to unravel.
I am sure that you’ll have the best gaming experience ever with the cutest animated dragons and the graphics. Why should you play Dragon City alone? Invite all your friends through Facebook and do send them great gifts. Share your love with the help of the dragon city platform.
Dragon city is one game that has created a buzz over the gamers. The game is available for both the android users and iOS users. If you are new to Dragon City and wondering how to start with it, I’ll help you out. On the other side, if you feel like being struck amidst the game looking for a hack to earn gems and gold, l have detailed answer for this. Scroll down for more.
Just before getting into the details, understand the basics of the game where you have to raise dragons where you are required to manage the island. Breeding them is considered to be the priority factor, and you need to create rare dragons.
More than just breeding, you have to take care of various missions that come along the way in the games. You have to earn the game currencies, build farms, bring in habitat for all the dragons you have. Just before you start the game do realize that the game will keep you busy and have to play every day to upgrade levels and to raise more dragons. Read the article to get to know about the tricks and hacks to play like a pro.
One thing that makes Dragon City an exciting game is the dragon breeding feature! Do remember that there are different species of dragons where each of them has its specific traits and powers. When it comes to breeding the resultant species can significantly vary with their parent dragons. In case you are producing a Flame Dragon and Terra dragon together the resultant Dragon can be a Flaming Rock dragon or even a Volcano dragon.
One of the main features of Dragon City is cross-breeding different dragon species. Combining two specific kinds of the Dragon should be done more than once, as the resulting species can vary. For example, breeding a Terra dragon with a Flame dragon can produce either a Volcano dragon or a Flaming Rock Dragon.
Well, you can try combining hybrid dragons where the dragons possess the power of more than one element. The best part is that you can come up with a new dragon species than ever before. Of course, it takes some time and understanding of dragon species to create legendary dragons.
You can always try to combine different types of dragons but at the same time realize the possible number of dragons you are going to place in a particular habitat in case you have a minimal habitat. But still, don’t worry, you can sell the dragons and earn gold.
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